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Mark Bachleda
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Call me Allen. I am doing Gmod pictures in my free time. My real name can be translate to english as Mark or Marcus. Nice to see you here on my profile. I am taking Hex, reskin requests for ANY ! model, besides the weapons, TFsonas or another Gmod characters. I'm Also a regular TF2 player... mah profile is down below. I like mysteriousness in my stories,... so that the apex will be Grateful at the end >:3
The Gmodder that like a MLP:FiM show too , so you can expect a ponies in my pictures

But not every time cause I have a dark thinking somewhere inside me
Photoshop CS6 too
I learn to hex/reskin from the :iconmidnight-mint1: tutorial.
my SKYPE name is: Bachli1990
Them guys that inspired me to making something awesome with Gmod and that I'm will be respecting them to the end of the mankind how we knows (if that day ever come eventually :XD:)

Some of the really awesome deviations from my friends, niggas. (my OC's included)
~Atlas~ by Commodor-Richter~Bowman~ by Commodor-Richter'Is this your dragon?' by Neros1990Dick blasting shenanigans: The lost episode by CommanderJackshitFirst guitar lesson by CezaryyWe stand together :MILESTONE: by Kokyal0rdSnuwmannz by XtremeTerminator4Archer, Mage and Warrior on guard. by Neros1990Day and Night by TheDukeDogFangius Marmelaidus. by Shadowbolt97ALMarkAZImagination's Portrait by SourceRabbitLooking for something, Allen? by NanayaShikiplzArchery Contest! by Wheatley-MixBalance Contest! by Wheatley-Mix~A centaur-pony appear~ by Commodor-RichterBluuuuuberrrrry...... by REDBLUTEAM[Request]Arachnid Intruder by theMuck751'Heroes of The Order' - Allen by Neros1990this do not come around every day by blue-rickiArmors by Narox22Leave None Behind by Bertinator333

Pony on the hill by MemoryNumberAllen Lightbow by Snowflake393Ned Blackhammer by Snowflake393Nap time ^3^ by Snowflake393Commission - Belha Daimonheart by ALMarkAZGoldey and those two by Matrix-III

My personal PLZ accounts >:]

If you want to give me some points click here pretty phease,,.. ? :3…

All Cannon Ponies (C) :iconhasbroplz: / :iconfyre-flye:
All Stargate CAD (C) MgM

Love and Tolerate only who deserve it !

*-----------------------*Steam Signature by Gh30*-----------------------*

show me where you are.. I DARE you >:]
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What Element Fits You Best?
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  • Mood: Distressed
Tagged By: :icontheredheavytwin: (you bloody fff.... XD)

1. You must include the rules in your journal.
2. List 5 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the Questions the tagger asked you.
4. Choose 5 people to tag in your journal and ask them 5 questions.   no -__-'

 Five Completely Random Things About Me:
1. I don't like tags... most of the time. :P
2. I have to make at least one coffee per day or else I will get pissy and nervous.
3. I like and appreciate a good critique, advices on my work.
4. I love to relaxing on the sun when its a nice day ^.^
5. I'm exercising everyday, and eating a lot, its not healthy to sit on chair everyday-non-stop x3


1. How bored must I have been...

Thats not even question, and I have no idea man :./

2. Any single ladies live near me ??

em... well I'm not living at your place so I don't know honestly, x3
but I could tell you about my place and some hot babes :devilish:

3. Whats your favorite scary movie?

No horror is enough scary for me.

4. Did you get a reference in the previous question ?


5. Add me just for the hell of it :P

em.., no X3

Tagging someone ?

NO ^3^

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